Recruitment Software, Training & Support

Our goal is to help you achieve hot recruitment results – and we mean it. Chilli Factor doesn’t leave you to it once you’ve got the product. We provide the training how to recruit; the software to manage the work; and the recruitment service to help get the job done right first time.


Our support system is designed to ensure you have every chance to achieve hot recruitment results. In a nutshell it consists of:

cf numberrs_1  Training – consists of a) recruitment training: to help you and your team develop the necessary recruitment skills.; and b) Software training: provided within the Software, and in the Help Centre knowledgebase.

cf numbers_2 Software – Request Assistance or read the Help Centre knowledgebase of guides, tips, tricks and faqs.

cf numbers_3 Recruitment – we can help you get the job done when you are short of time and resources. Simply click the ‘Support’ tab to the left of the screen and submit your request whenever you need assistance.

Work Smarter – Reduce Your Recruitment Admin

Look there is no getting away from it – recruitment does involve some admin. A lot when you do it the wrong way. Given 77% of companies fail to update applicants after their initial application acknowledgement – a lot are doing it the wrong the way! We show you how to do it the right way with Chilli Factor Recruitment Software.

Peak times

We understand your core business is not recruitment and sometimes, like at busy peak times, you may not have the in-house resource spare to complete recruitment tasks. BUT if you don’t take applicants quickly through your recruitment process, and leave them hanging a week or three, you won’t keep them engaged and interested in your role.  Their perception becomes your company doesn’t care or is disorganised; and the applicant moves on or is snapped up by your competitor. Then you have to start from scratch again – re-advertising your role, reviewing CVs… in turn increasing your time and cost to hire.

On the occasion, you are short of time and resources – we can help you. Learn more about our Recruitment Service.

Ask for Advice & Collaborate

When you have a harder role to fill – this may involve some strategic thinking. You might have an advert that isn’t generating much interest. Is it the advert or where you’ve placed it? This is where the Help Centre comes in – either send us a private message or share your challenge in the Chilli Factor Community forum asking for suggestions from our members. We can all learn from each others experiences.

And lastly – tell us what you’d like more help with. Your suggestions will help us to continue to provide you with helpful recruitment solutions.