Who is Chilli Factor?

Chilli Factor started as recruitment consulting company. Established in 2006, Chilli Factor has worked with organisations – such as Fletcher Building, BNZ, Downer, Metro Water, McConnell Dowell, Sulo Talbot, Gilmours, the generalist pr, and more – to help raise hiring manager and recruitment team recruitment capabilities; create and improve recruitment processes and systems; implement and drive sourcing strategies; and manage recruitment campaigns.

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software was created from in-depth recruitment experience to help New Zealand businesses hire the right staff, affordably.



What Is Chilli Factor Recruitment Management Software?

It’s a cloud based all-in-one recruitment management system containing everything your organisation needs to recruit successfully.


Why Is Recruitment Software Needed?

When we created the recruitment software – the recruitment market was changing.

  • Major global skill shortages are widely anticipated by industry experts.
  • New Zealand is likely to face recruitment drives from offshore multinational companies, luring our talent to ‘greener fields’ – leading to a greater brain drain and an increase in migration where english is the second language.
  • New Zealand workforce is changing rapidly – more diverse (generation, ethnicity, gender etc.) and with that different employee expectations

The change is accelerating now. Unless your organisation knows how to define your job requirement, who your target market is and how to reach out and communicate with them – you’ll be looking at very expensive alternatives.

In New Zealand, recruitment agency fees are typically 15 – 22% of the new employee’s first year base salary. In comparison, several years ago it was typically 12 – 17%. Get ready for this to climb over the next few years as the cost increases for agencies to source candidates in a skill short market. It’s supply and demand 101!


Bring Recruitment In-house Today

To combat these increasing recruitment challenges and costs, organisations need to take back some ownership and develop recruitment systems and expertise in-house to sustain and grow their business.

However, until now – the time to build in-house recruitment knowledge and systems would take you months and tens of thousands of dollars to set up from scratch yourself. This is a major reason why recruitment has been outsourced to agencies.


The Solution For New Zealand Businesses

Chilli Factor has done the hard work for you creating recruitment software that provides you with an in-house recruitment management system and knowledgebase to develop recruitment expertise.  We’ve made bringing recruitment in-house easy for you – there’s no need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel.


Hire Right = Sustain and Grow Your Business