Chilli Factor Jobs

Chilli Factor Jobs is an exclusive affordable job board for SMBs to promote NZ and Australia based job opportunities across a range of industries including health, tourism, farming, hospitality, manufacturing, transport, logistics, engineering and more.

It’s more than a job board as it includes the option to use Chilli Factor’s Applicant Tracking System to help you manage your job applications and communication updates.

There are 3 types of accounts that can be used to advertise on Chilli Factor Jobs. Scroll down page to learn more.

Post A Job on Chilli Factor Jobs

Chilli Factor Jobs can be used by 3 types of Chilli Factor accounts:

  • Chilli Factor Jobs Advertiser – Details below
  • Chilli Factor Standard Plan – See Details
  • Chilli Factor Pro Plan – See Details


Chilli Factor Jobs Advertiser

  • Advert duration is 30 days.
  • Includes use of ATS to manage applications for duration of advert (30 days).
  • Chilli Factor Jobs (Advert/ATS) price is $69 per listing per month (+ GST). Featured listing is $79 per month (+ GST)
  • Option to extend Advert/ATS use for additional 30 days. Same price will be charged.
  • Invoiced when advert is published, payable within 30 days.


If You:

  • are looking to publish more than 2 jobs a month we recommend using the Standard plan as you’ll gain 3 Free advertisements per month as part of monthly subscription.
  • have volume advertising requirements please contact us for a quote.
  • are unsure which type of account to set up Book A Demo to learn more and cover your questions.


To Set Up Account

To start using Chilli Factor Jobs today, please complete the Registration Form below.


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