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Your subscription includes access to a comprehensive resource library of recruitment training guides and resources suitable for hiring managers, hr advisors and small and medium businesses alike. So no matter what level of recruiting experience you have, these resources provide everything you need to complete a professional recruitment campaign.
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14+ Recruitment Training Guides

Training consists of 6 modules containing 14+ guides exclusive to Chilli Factor Members.


Job Analysis

Invest time in this crucial recruitment factor to understand the purpose of the job; what it’s required to achieve the next 12 – 18 months; and the key selling points of the job. A common mistake in recruitment is recruiting straight from a Position Description. This section helps you get clear on your requirements and expectations, to help match the right talent’s expectations and create a compelling reason to join your company. Covers how to manage the employee resignation and exit interview process; complete in-depth job briefs; create clear job expectations; and maximise your compelling offer.



– Understand who your target market is; what’s important to them; and where and how to attract them. Covers: how to create target candidate profiles; compelling job advertisements; and manage traditional advertising and social media campaigns.


Direct Sourcing 

– Whoever your target is, often the best talent is currently employed. We teach you how to find and confidently approach these passive candidates. Covers: how to search online; leverage social networks and referrals; generate quality prospects; sell the opportunity and convert into applicants. (Training features in Help Centre Resources)



– Skipping a step in the qualifying and candidate management process, invariably results in costly consequences from poor hire to poor performance to poor employment branding.  Covers:  how to set up effective candidate management and selection process; pre-qualify applicants; interview candidates; facilitate assessments and background checks.



– How to manage the offer including negotiating and overcoming objections. Covers: how to make the offer; plus close the recruitment campaign.



– Designed for Hiring Managers as a guide to help you retain your valuable new employee. Covers: how to create and manage a 90 day induction plan.


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