Recruitment Strategies & Tips

Helping New Zealand businesses with recruitment process strategies & tips.

Phone Screen Interview Guide

The phone screen interview stage is an important part of the selection process.  It typically checks candidate's work experience, work history, availability and communication skills. You can tell a lot from a phone screen interview, such as is the individual genuinely...

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3 Tips To Find Talent

When looking to find talent for your job vacancy, it makes sense to consider someone who is successfully performing in a similar role. These individuals may be classified as 'Semi-Passive' candidates. (Learn more here  > Target Audiences).  Although not actively...

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Are you selling your job opportunity?

Are you struggling to write an online job advert?  It does take some practise, however if you follow the six tips listed below you'll be on the fast track to writing compelling online job adverts. 1. Did you know you have less than 30 seconds to hook the candidate's...

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12 Steps to Hot Recruitment Results

Whether you recruit yourself or use a recruitment agency, recruitment continues to be a time consuming and costly exercise for most companies. Short of time, talent, recruitment capability and budget are four common reasons why recruitment fails. The fifth is not...

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