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At Chilli Factor, we believe recruitment should be straightforward, efficient and effective. Our end-to-end recruitment software is the user-friendly solution your team needs to master the recruitment and offer process, all in one place.


Discover How Chilli Factor Can Transform Your Hiring Process


  • Streamline Job Vacancies and Applications: Manage your job openings and applications with ease, ensuring no applicant slips through the cracks.
  • Accelerate Offer Processes: Utilise our Offer Management System for quick letter of offer creations and e-signatures, speeding up the onboarding process.
  • Cultivate Talent Pools: Proactively build talent pools for future vacancies, significantly reducing advertising costs.
  • Budget Friendly Plans: Enjoy flexible, affordable plans with no set up fees, tailored to fit your recruitment budget.
  • Dedicated Support: Experience our quick and friendly user support, based in NZ, ready to assist you every step of the way.
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All-In-One Hiring Solution

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software is designed to save you time, reduce costs and help you hire the right talent. Here’s what makes our software stand out:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Helps you to quickly capture, manage, review and track job applications in one central online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) anywhere, anytime.

Complete Recruitment Toolkit

From job requisitions and approval to recruit, to job board syndication, job specific application forms, evaluation forms, testing, communication and reporting, we provide all the tools you need to run a successful recruitment campaign.


Offer Management System

Covers Approval to Hire to Onboarding New Employee. Quickly process offer packs. Reduce time and cost of resources, material and delivery. Efficiently track and manage acceptance and receipt of employment documents.

Talent Pool Management

Easily create and manage your candidate database, making future hiring faster and more efficient with targeted email marketing campaigns. 

Friendly Support & Help Centre

NZ based support is via email, phone and online meetings. The Help Centre provides self-service resource knowledgebase. 

Affordable Plans & No Set Up Fees

Adapt your plan to match your recruitment activity. No set up fees. Plus 2hrs free online training to get started.

Serving New Zealand & Australian Businesses

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software has helped our customers across NZ and Australia make 1000’s of new hires.

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Applicant Tracking System


The Applicant Tracking System is customisable to your needs from simply posting a job to managing through a full recruitment process.

It’s quick and easy to set up.

Chilli Factor Applicant Tracking System

Simplify Your Recruitment Efforts

Post jobs, track & manage applicants, and make offers seamlessly with Chilli Factor’s all-in-one recruitment solution.  See Features List here


Customise Your Recruitment Process

Set up a standard process or create job specific ones as required, for users to follow a robust professional recruitment workflow.


Easy Set Up

Follow the simple 8 step process to set up a professional recruitment campaign. You can quickly clone for future jobs.


Quick Approval To Recruit

Online ATR system helps speed up the process of facilitating requests for approval and capturing approval decisions


Build Candidate Evaluation Forms

Build candidate evaluation forms from scratch or from our template library, for screening, interview and reference checks. Reuse or clone for future recruitment.


Save Time Reviewing CVs

With customisable job specific application form with Knockout questions. Powerful screening tool. Easy to filter out applicants that don’t match criteria.


Collaborate with Team

Assign User permission to work on job vacancy together to complete tasks and share feedback to make better hiring decisions faster.


One Central System

Syndicate Jobs to popular job boards and easily manage Applicants from all sourcing channels in one central system.


Build Talent Pools For Future Jobs

Proactively build talent pools for upcoming resource requirements with the Talent CRM system. Speed up time to source applicants and reduce advertising spend.


Easy to Access Recruitment Reports

Access recruitment reports on application stats, source of applicants, quality of source as well as time & cost to hire. Export to CSV/Excel.

Chilli Factor Offer Management System

Offers & E-sign System

Autogenerate offer letters with a click of a button. Have new and variations of contracts offers e-signed. Enabling you to hire talent faster!

Process Offers Faster

Chilli Factor’s Offer Management System streamlines the offer process workflow enabling you to hire talent faster! With our native Offer system efficiently auto generate offer letters with a click a button and e-sign online the same day. Don’t lose talent  you have worked so hard to find. Sign them up quickly. Save time and costs of material.


Create Offers Fast

Autogenerate new and variation of offer letters and contracts from templates with a click of a button.


Quickly Approve & Esign Offers

Send offers to be approved and/or to all parties to e-sign in minutes. Mobile friendly employer and employee online document signing.


Easily Track Progress

Easily track status of signing and completion of employment pack. Full audit trail from start to finish. 


Improve Accuracy

Robust system helps Users to enter accurate information in Approval to Hire and auto generate offer letters from approved templates.


Kick Start Onboarding Process

Quickly set up employee ready for first day with digitised employment document collection.


Cut Costs

Helps SMBs reduce time, materials & service costs spent on managing offers of employment.


Here’s what our happy customers have to say.

Chilli Factor has made such a positive difference to our recruitment process, transforming the way we work. It has allowed us to streamline our recruitment process, improve overall visibility, empower proactive recruitment and engage stakeholders in the process. We have received positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders as it has helped to provide a better customer experience which is essential for our branding. The Chilli Factor team has been extremely supportive and helpful, putting in a lot of time and effort to ensure the system is customised to Griffin’s needs!
Hayley Feeney

Talent Advisor

I have implemented a few eRecruitment systems in the past and Chilli Factor was astoundingly simple and fast, with zero implementation cost. It is the ideal solution for a business with our size, turnover and type of workforce. We will use it for subsidiary businesses also. It is a simple, flexible, cost effective solution and the support service provided has been excellent, can’t fault it. We highly recommend Chilli Factor.
Jacquie Sherborne

HR & Support Services Manager, CRV Ambreed

I find it to be an extremely user friendly recruitment tool. The programme ensures candidates go through a preferred process making it easy to follow up and manage candidate care, to manage all of the recruitment stages and keep all candidates details in a central location to refer back to. The icons are easy to understand as I have been up-skilling branch manager’s on its use, it’s reporting functions make life easier at month end, and the centralised management of external promotional channels makes it a great one-stop shop. I would personally recommend Chilli Factor to any company wishing to centralise and improve their recruitment processes.
Jennifer Findlay


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Our recruitment software simplifies your recruitment process from job posting to managing applicants, making offers and jumpstarting onboarding for new hires.

Customise your recruitment workflow to suit your specific needs, enjoy easy setup, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Chilli Factor is here to help you save time, cut costs and hire the best talent faster!

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