Pick a Plan that Works for Your Recruitment Model

Flexible monthly subscription plans. Upgrade / Downgrade as required.

Higher Volume Recruitment

Pro Plus - $100 per additional pack of 5 Active Jobs.
Prices plus GST

ATS Features List

See full list of what’s included in subscription plans below.


Account Settings

Manage user permissions, plans, online job board set up and accounts, advertising approvals and more.
Default online job application form at the bottom of job listing captures applicant details into the Applicant Tracking System.
Save time reviewing CVs with a job specific application form. Easy to filter out applicants that don’t match criteria.

Apply by LinkedIn + Indeed

It’s quick and easy for applicants to apply by using their existing LinkedIn and Indeed profiles.

Apply by Mobile

Mobile friendly job board and application form, makes it easy for applicants to apply on the go.
Captures applications in online system. Easy to view, track and manage applicants through your process.

Approval to Recruit

ATR function helps speed up the process of facilitating requests for approval and capturing approval decisions
Record and track all your recruitment costs and expenses against allocated recruitment campaign budget.


Quick to set up new jobs by cloning existing jobs, adverts, processes and forms.

Document Library

Store position descriptions and company documents in Document Library for team to review and share.
Customisable email template library. Bulk send, schedule and automate emails. Email history recorded.
Customisable candidate evaluation forms and templates for screening, interview & reference checks. Reuse or clone for future recruitment.
Job listing webpage is designed to help sell your job opportunity. Includes image gallery and video sections.
Company branded online job board showcases what it’s like to work at your company with the aid of image gallery and video.

Job Syndication

Post to job boards such as Seek, Trademe and Indeed from Chilli Factor. Capture all applications in one system.

Multiple Client Account Access

Single login for Agency + Freelance HR & Recruiters supporting multiple clients with a Chilli Factor account.

Permission & Privacy

Manage user access and permissions to only show what they need to see. Keep sensitive data private.
Customisable recruitment process templates. Set a standard process or create job specific ones as required.

Recruitment Tips

HOT TIPS are highlighted throughout the software to help enhance your chances to find and hire the right talent.
Comprehensive recruitment training library covering everything you need to execute a professional recruitment campaign.
Access recruitment reports on application stats, source of applicants, quality of source as well as time & cost to hire. Export to CSV/Excel.
Proactively build talent pools for upcoming resource requirements with the Talent CRM system.

Task Manager

Powerful workflow management and communication tool helps manage applicants through your job’s process. 

Third Party Access

Collaborate with third party services to assist you with recruitment. Provide User Partner access for specific jobs.

Social Recruiting

Easily share jobs across social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Apply with LinkedIn option included.

Support Help Centre

Quick to submit a support request ticket from online Help Centre. Access user guides, software updates and general tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Features Checklist

Summary of features – read here

Road Map

We update system with new features or enhancements typically quarterly depending on size of software release. 


What support is in place?

Support is via phone, helpdesk and email.  The help centre also includes user support guides.

Support is local and responsive. See customer feedback here.

Does Support cost?

No. We will shadow you the first few weeks as you get up to speed. It won’t take you long to get familiar with the system. 

We’re always here to help you if you do need it.


How long does it take to set up system?

We can have you up and running within a day.

The key to executing this quickly, is to have all your content ready to load.  Such as company logo, recruitment process steps, forms such as job specific application form, phone screen and reference check forms questions.

Chilli Factor has a library of form templates you can customise to your requirements. We can help you customise these forms or create new ones from scratch – for your first job. Then simply clone and edit new form templates accordingly for future jobs. Super quick and easy.

What does it cost to implement?

Nothing. We’ve made it simple for you to set up system quickly. 


What training is available?

You will be trained how to set up your account and manage applicants. Typically we split training across two 1/2hr to 1hr training sessions. This is often completed during the 14 day free trial especially if testing a live job. 

During the first couple of weeks you may have some questions as you become familiar with the system. Simply contact us via phone, helpdesk or email. We are local and respond quickly. 

What does training cost?

Initial training

Training of Account Administrator/Users during account set up and first job. Typically a few hours online training.

The Account Administrator becomes the super user and trains rest of your Users.

Cost – No

Additional training

If you require training of additional users later on, we can arrange individual or group online training.

Cost – Yes

Time – Training sessions 1/2hr to 1hr depending on training needs. Contact us to discuss.

Customised Guides

If you require customised User guides based on your process to help roll out system to the business, we can assist. 

Cost – Yes

Time – Custom User Guides typically take 4 to 8 hrs. Contact us to discuss.

Recruitment Software Plans

What plan is best for my organisation

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software is a continuous subscription service and offers 4 types of plans to cater to your level of recruitment activity.

  • Basic – 1 x job a month;
  • Standard – 5 x jobs a month is ideal for a growing small to medium sized business;
  • Pro – 10 x jobs per month is suited to medium sized business.
  • Pro Plus – starts at 15 x jobs per month. This plan offers flexibility to order more jobs as you need it. 

You can change your plan at any time.

What are active jobs?

These are the number of jobs (recruitment campaigns) you can actively work on at one time per month.

An active job is from when you set up job to when finished managing applicants through the recruitment process e.g. from Job Details to Offer stage.

How many Users are allowed?


We encourage you to bring Hiring Managers into the system to collaborate and make good hire decisions together.

Are there User Permissions / Controls?

Yes – there are 2 types of user permissions: Account Admin (full control) and User (limited).

Account Admin sets up the account, invites users and manages all permissions and settings.

A User is typically Hiring Manager who may just need permission to view a job they are assigned to to view shortlisted applicants. There are advanced permissions to control what User is permitted to do in a job. 

User Partners – You can also invite Users from other organisations to assist you with your recruitment task/s. They can be given full or limited access. 

Recruitment Software Free Trial

How does the free trial work?

Contact Support to request 14 day free trial to gain access to Chilli Factor Recruitment Software.

Invite a couple of Users from your organisation to trial software with you. Collaborate on a job together.

If you skipped the demo – we recommend completing an online session with us. We’ll take you through how to: set up a job and manage applicants through your job’s recruitment process.

Can I test a live job during the trial?

Yes – absolutely. It’s a great way to try before you buy so you feel happy Chilli Factor software meets your requirements.

Load a live job and publish it to job board such as Seek and/or Trade Me.

*Note we will require your permission to syndicate to your Seek account.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

You’ll be notified by email two days before the end of your free trial period; with a reminder how to continue with your membership or end the free trial.

How do I subscribe?

You don’t need to do anything at the end of your free trial. On the 15th-day – you’ll be automatically billed the Basic Plan monthly fee of $69 for 1 active job per month. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime from your Account Settings > Accounts.

How do I end my free trial?

Go to your Settings > Account – and click ‘Deactivate Account’.  This will cancel your account and stop scheduled 15th-day payment. Note: If you want to end your trial or become a subscriber before your 14-day free trial is up – you can do so anytime from Settings > Accounts.


How do I pay for my subscription?

Payments are by ‘Bank Transfer.’  We’ll email you an invoice with our bank account details, payable within 14 days.

How do I change my billing details?

Contact us to request change. (You can submit a request for assistance from our Help Centre).

Where can I see what payment plan I am on?

Log into your account, and go to SETTINGS > Accounts > Subscription to see your current plan.

How can I upgrade my subscription plan?

Simply contact us (by email or phone) to request change.

How can I downgrade my subscription plan?

Simply contact us (by email or phone) to request change.

Still have questions?
TransDiesel Jobs

"I have implemented a few eRecruitment systems in the past and Chilli Factor was astoundingly simple and fast, with zero implementation cost. It is the ideal solution for a business with our size, turnover and type of workforce. We will use it for subsidiary businesses also. It is a simple, flexible, cost effective solution and the support service provided has been excellent, can’t fault it. We highly recommend Chilli Factor."

- Jacquie Sherborne, HR & Support Services Manager

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