Hiring, Recruiting & Reference Check Services

On the occasion, you are short of time and resources – we offer 5 recruitment service options to pick and choose from:

1. Set up and Advertise Job

  • Take an in-depth job brief with Hiring Manager
  • Write a compelling job advert
  • Set up a job specific application form
  • Set up a phone screen questionnaire
  • Publish job advert on your hosted Chilli Factor Recruitment Software job board
  • Optional: Publish job advert direct to free and paid job boards.  (Additional advertising fee)

 2. Talent Search

* For harder to fill jobs

  • Take a search brief with Hiring Manager
  • Complete online talent search (max 2 hrs)
  • Present list of prospects to Hiring Manager
  • Optional: Contact prospects on behalf of Hiring manager.

3. Interview Shortlist

  • Review applications via Chilli Factor applicant tracking system
  • Select phone screen shortlist. (Option to share with Hiring Manager first to confirm selection.)
  • Complete up to 5 phone screens (per position).
  • Present phone screen notes and recommendations to Hiring Manager
  • Manage applicant status updates
  • Arrange interviews

4. Phone Screen Only

  • Contact candidate to arrange phone screen appointment
  • Complete online phone screen questionnaire (attached to the SCR step in Task Manager)
  • Edit notes and save to system.
  • Email copy of completed questionnaire to instructed user.

 5. Reference Check Only

  • Contact candidate to ensure have their permission to contact referee.
  • Contact employer to complete reference check. (Allow up to 3 day turnaround – as sometimes takes a few calls to get hold of referees.)
  • Complete online reference check questionnaire
  • Edit notes and save to system.
  • Email completed Reference Check form to instructed user.


All recruitment communication and information shared with the Hiring Manager is stored in your organisation’s Chilli Factor Recruitment Software account. Invite us to be part of your recruitment team; and assign us tasks you’d like us to complete for you.  (Jobs are set to permission based views ).

Service Payment

Each ‘service’ is invoiced at completion. An invoice is sent by email payable within seven (7) days via credit card or bank transfer.

To Request Assistance

Simply click the ‘Support’ tab to the left of this screen and submit your request, or call us on 09 801 6001 (VoIP must dial 09.)