When looking to find talent for your job vacancy, it makes sense to consider someone who is successfully performing in a similar role. These individuals may be classified as ‘Semi-Passive’ candidates. (Learn more here  > Target Audiences).  Although not actively looking for a job (not so likely to be visiting job boards), they tend to be happy to hear about job opportunities. In fact they are often flattered to be considered and quite receptive to a phone call.


Here’s 3 strategies how to find talent:

1. Ask for Referrals

Did you know a high % of jobs are filled by referrals?

Word of mouth can be one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing techniques – so make sure you include this in your sourcing campaign.

People generally refer people they know because they want to help, not because they want a financial reward. Don’t limit referrals to Employee Referral Programmes. Ask for referrals from prospects, candidates, hiring managers, industry peers, suppliers, friends etc.

It can be as straight forward as emailing the online job advertisement url with a brief summary to your hiring manager asking them to share with their team and network; or post as a ‘Share an Update’ on LinkedIn asking for referrals; or promoting on all emails you send out for a timeframe – by affixing in your email autosignature – Hiring Now! – Job Name – Refer a friend here >> ( add hyperlink  to job advert url).

Find Talent - Ask for referrals

2. Search Talent Pool / Database


Before you begin a wider search, check your existing Talent Pool / Database.

In Chilli Factor Recruitment Software, just go to the Talent CRM screen and enter keywords you are looking for, such as: job title, skill, location, salary etc.  You may already have a suitable prospect in the system!

3. Search Online


Next cast a wider search online via: Google and other search engines, LinkedIn, CV databases such as Seek and Indeed, industry membership directories  and more.

To execute a targeted search campaign, it’s well worth the effort completing a Search Brief with the Hiring Manager. This is usually completed in conjunction with the Job Brief, and for harder to fill roles. We’ve provided you with a template to help you get started.

Wrapping Up

Using the above three strategies to find talent, you’ll start to build a hot list of talent for current and future jobs.


The Search Brief template will help you to uncover talent for those harder to fill roles. We’ve provided a free template to help you get started.