In today’s labour market skill shortage is a common recruitment problem across most industries. (See NZ skill shortage list.)

Consider this:

1. How long is it taking you to fill some of your harder to fill job vacancies?

If listed in the NZ immediate and long term skill shortage lists it could be taking you 3 to 6 months or longer!

2. How does this affect your organisation’s performance and productivity?

Without the right workforce when you need it – how does your organisation plan to compete and grow?

3. What about the cost of advertising?

Do you need to advertise every job vacancy, or could you already have some potential candidates in your existing applicant database?


A smart recruitment strategy is to start tagging talent and building talent pools today for tomorrow’s recruitment needs.  It could save you a lot time and money!

Chilli Factor has built a system to help you do just that.

Introducing Chilli Factor Talent CRM System

The Chilli Factor Talent CRM system enables you to quickly search your organisation’s applicant database, build talent pools and manage targeted email campaigns.

Chilli Factor Talent CRM System

Chilli Factor makes building talent pools easier

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