Recruitment Tips for SMEs

The  following guide outlines 12 key steps to achieving hot recruitment results:

Step How
1 Identify Your Hiring Need Create a detailed job brief and clear expectations for your job vacancy by defining the purpose of the job and what you want it to achieve in the next 12 – 18 months.
2 Attract Target Market Define and reach out to your target audience via multiple marketing channels. Sell your opportunity clearly stating what’s in it for the prospect.
3 Capture Quality Applications Aim for quality NOT quantity applications. Make it easy for your target audience to self-assess their own suitability for your job; and take action to apply.
4 Nurture Applicants Provide all applicants with a positive application experience whatever their result, using a professional recruitment process and providing timely applicant updates.
5 Shortlist Candidates Review and match applicants against your job brief requirements. Select the initial short-list to evaluate.
6 Evaluate Candidates Determine candidates suitability for the job with evaluation forms that ask the right questions. Discover and qualify authentic work history, experience, skills, attributes and potential.
7 Make the Right Hire Decision Compare candidate results against your job brief requirements, and select the most suitable candidate.
8 Make an Irresistible Offer Ensure your offer of employment matches the values important to your preferred candidate, creating a compelling offer hard to resist!
9 Generate Employment Contract Turnaround the employment contract quickly to secure candidate’s employment.
10 Set Up for Success Create a good first impression, and ensure your new employee is set up to succeed from day one, by engaging them in a 90-day induction programme.
11 Track & Measure Results Track and measure recruitment campaign results. Knowing what works and doesn’t will help you to continuously improve your recruitment results.
12 Create Advocates Strive to create new company advocates through positive applicant and new employee recruitment experiences. Why? 51% of roles are filled by word of mouth referrals!


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