Chilli Factor Online Recruitment Management Software

Online Recruitment Management Software


Here’s how to use the recruitment software following a standard recruitment process. (Scroll down page). Customisable to your needs from simply posting a job to managing full recruitment process.


1. Scope Job Requirement

Create a detailed job brief by defining why the job exists, what it does on a day to day to basis, and what you want it to achieve in the next 12 – 18 months.

Record Job Details

Job Details

The Job Details screen is where you record Job Name, who the job reports to, job classification, location and income details.


Job Brief

The Job Brief acts as a road map for your recruitment campaign and will help you to: a) define the key requirements of the role to share with your recruitment team; b) create your job advert; and c) create evaluation form questions
Scope Job Brief

2. Obtain Approval to Recruit

Share job details / request with your senior manager and HR, and confirm headcount is approved.

Approval To Recruit System

Approval to Recruit

Approval To Recruit function helps speed up the process of facilitating requests for approval and capturing approval decisions.

3. Source Quality Applications

Aim for quality NOT quantity applications. Make it easy for your target audience to self-assess their suitability for your job, and take action to apply.

Online Job Adverts

Online Job Adverts

Job listing webpage is designed to help sell your job opportunity. Includes image gallery and video sections..

Promote Job Vacancy

Post to job boards such as Seek, Trademe and Indeed from Chilli Factor. Capture all applications in one system. Easily share jobs across social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Promote Job Vacancies Online
Online Job Application Forms

Online Job Application Forms

Default application form at the bottom of job listing captures applicant details into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It’s quick and easy for applicants to apply by computer, mobile, and LinkedIn and Indeed profiles.

Search Talent Pool

Proactively search and manage your Chilli Factor candidate database and talent pools for potential candidates.
Manage And Search Talent Pool

4. Manage & Track Job Applications

Provide all applicants with a positive job application experience, whatever their result, so they have good experience with your employment brand. Follow a consistent recruitment process and provide timely applicant updates.

Recruitment Process Workflow & Templates

Recruitment Process Workflow

The recruitment process function provides a workflow for your team to follow and manage applicants through a fair and consistent process.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Easily capture, track, review and manage applicants, from all sources, in our unified online applicant tracking system. No more managing from email inbox and spreadsheets.
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) And Database
Email Manager

Email Manager

Email updates and information to applicants and your team, quickly and easily straight from Chilli Factor recruitment software.

5. Review Applications

Review and match applicants against your job brief requirements. Select the initial short-list to evaluate.

Applicant Review

Applicant Review

Quick and easy for your team to review applicants CVs and application forms via the ATS document preview panel.

Job Specific Application Form

Save time reviewing CVs with the addition of the job specific application form. Easy to filter out applicants that don’t match criteria.
Job Specific Application Form

6. Evaluate Candidates

Determine candidates suitability for the job with evaluation forms that ask the right questions. Discover and qualify authentic work history, experience, skills, attributes and potential.

Candidate Evaluation Form

Candidate Evaluation Form Templates

Customisable evaluation templates for screening, interview and reference checks. Save to form library and reuse or clone for future recruitment.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment personality tests and assessments can be useful to provide predictions of job performance. We offer psychometric, cognitive, health & safety, skill and role specific assessments.
Pre-Employment Assessments

7. Make Right Hire Decision

Compare candidate results against your job brief requirements, and select the most suitable candidate.

Recruitment Collaboration


Recruiters, HR Advisors and Hiring Managers can easily collaborate to complete tasks and share feedback.

8. Track & Measure Recruitment Performance Metrics

Track and measure recruitment campaign results. Knowing what works and doesn’t will help you to continuously improve your recruitment results.

Recruitment Reporting & Metrics

Recruitment Reporting & Metrics

Track and measure recruitment campaign results including cost per hire and time to hire metrics. These reports on the recruitment process will help you know what works and doesn’t, so you can continuously improve your recruitment results.

Chilli Factor makes recruiting easier.

Find out for yourself why Recruiters, HR Advisors and Hiring Managers find Chilli Factor easy to use.