Introducing Chilli Factor

SMS Recruitment System

Communicate With Your Job Applicants Quicker

Chilli Factor SMS System


With SMS text open rates around 98%, much higher than emails, Chilli Factor’s SMS recruitment system helps you to reach job applicants quicker where they are. This optional service will speed up the communication process with applicants of interest, to assist securing talent and reduce application drop offs.


  • Send and receive SMS via Chilli Factor ATS. 
  • Send job applicants personalised text updates for different stages of the recruitment process. Such as scheduling and confirming interviews, checking good time to call applicant.
  • Custom SMS templates
  • Bulk send SMS text to one to many applicants.
  • Attach file in SMS
  • Message counter displays SMS Part i.e. 160 characters.
  • Text responses (incoming SMS) can be received up to 7 days. 
  • SMS usage report.
  • Option to set/cap monthly SMS volume for spend control.
  • Switch SMS on/off as required.

4 SMS Benefits


Fast Communication


Reduce Application Drop Offs


Assist To Secure Talent


Improved Applicant Experience

SMS open rates around 98%, much higher than emails. Reach applicants where they are quickly.

Reach Applicants Quickly

It’s quick and easy to keep applicants up to date with Chilli Factors SMS service.