Whether you recruit yourself or use a recruitment agency, recruitment continues to be a time consuming and costly exercise for most companies. Short of time, talent, recruitment capability and budget are four common reasons why recruitment fails. The fifth is not asking the right questions.

To combat these recruitment challenges and costs, organisations need to take back some ownership and develop recruitment systems and capabilities in-house to sustain and grow their business.

However, until now – the time to build in-house recruitment processes, systems, knowledgebase and capability would take you many months and tens of thousands of dollars to set up from scratch yourself.

Chilli Factor has done the hard work for you.

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software was created to help recruiters, HR, managers and business owners in small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) recruit smarter. It’s a cloud based all-in-one recruitment management system containing everything you need to recruit.


Chilli Factor Recruitment Software will help you to:

  1. Attract, engage and hire the right person for your job by sharing what’s important, and asking the right questions. Chilli Factor Recruitment Software helps you to market your job and evaluate candidates like a pro.
  2. Capture, track, review and manage your job applications online anywhere anytime with Chilli Factor’s Applicant Tracking System. This system alone will help to reduce your recruitment administration time by up to 70%. Goodbye to managing applicants from your inbox and spreadsheets.
  3. Share the workload with your team to quickly complete tasks and collaborate to make good decisions with Chilli Factor’s powerful recruitment process and task manager system. When it comes to securing top talent before your competitors – speed of response is imperative.
  4. Develop the capability to hire right first time by learning from our comprehensive recruitment resources.
  5. Customise systems to match your company’s requirements, with assistance from user friendly online Help Centre, and online/phone based support team.
  6. Afford to recruit with Chilli Factor Recruitment Software plans; and everything you need to recruit within the software. This recruitment model will help you to reduce cost to recruit by 70 – 90%.
  7. Pay as you go. Upgrade / downgrade account as required.
  8. Try before you buy. Contact support to arrange a 14 Free Trial. Post a job and you may even find your next star during the trial!


To learn more about Chilli Factor Recruitment Software please visit www.chillifactor.co.nz

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