Offer Management System

Chilli Factor’s Offer Management System (OMS) helps you to streamline the offer process workflow enabling you to hire top talent faster!

Whether managing new employment agreements or contract variations for existing employees.

We built it to help eliminate some of the frustrations and bottlenecks that are common in managing offers of employment and bringing talent on board.

Chilli Factor Offer Management System
Are You Experiencing Any Of These Frustrations?
  • Missing out on talent because business is too slow to get contracts out.
  • Incorrectly completed Approval to Hires request form causing delays in Approval to Hire Process.
  • Approval to Hire requests taking days to circulate and be approved by designated approvers. 
  • Incorrect/Out of date employment agreement and letter of offer templates being used to create employment agreements.
  • Short of time causing delays in preparing and sending out offers. 
  • Delays in receiving signed contracts back. 
  • Delays in kick starting the onboarding process ready for the first day because employee paperwork has not been returned yet. 
  • Increasing cost of printing and couriering employment packs 
  • Finding it hard to keep track of document signing status. 
We understand and have been there! That’s why we created the Chilli Factor Offer Management System, providing the full end to end recruitment solution for our customers.

Ultimately the system may save you 50+% time usually associated with managing offers of employment and processing employment agreements.  

How Will Chilli Factor’s Job Offer Management Software Help You?

  • Once you’ve set up the offer management system – processing, delivering and returning contracts is fast!
  • Approval to Hire request forms are easy to complete with instructions for users to know exactly what to enter, with an option for HR/Recruiters to check info before sending to approvers to review. 
  • The online Approval to Hire process is quick to complete form correctly and send to Approvers. Easy for Approvers to review and approve online on the go. 
  • Contract templates and merge fields are set up in system settings. Users when managing an offer, only need to select a contract type which will provide them with the correct document/s.
  • Contract is automatically populated with correct approved details with one click of a button.
  • Send online to the Employer to Sign, via desktop or mobile. 
  • Send online to Applicant to Sign, via desktop or mobile. 
  • Easily track offer contract acceptance and offer pack completion status, including full audit trail record from start to finish.
  • Collect signed contracts and digitised documents quickly. 
  • No need to scan and print copies for applicants. 
  • And more.

So How Does the Job Offer Management Software Work?

It’s a customisable offer management system that can be used as the next step in the recruitment process when you have selected an applicant to make an offer to. Or used separately for variations of contracts for existing employees. 

To get started involves:

  1. Set up a robust offer management system with custom instructions to help everyone know exactly what to do each step of the way. We’re here to help. 
  2. Users (Managers, Recruiters, HR Team) follow the customised offer management system process and instructions to quickly and easily create and manage contracts.
Chilli Factor Offer Management System User Process

Interested to learn more?

Book a online meeting with us to discuss your requirements and explore how Chilli Factor Offer Management System can benefit you.