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Intuitive user interface makes it simple to set up new users, jobs, adverts, recruitment process and templates.



Once you’ve set up one job, it’s super quick to set up future jobs. Clone or customise existing jobs, job adverts, process, forms and email templates.


Affordable monthly plans. Upgrade and downgrade as required. Pay as you go. Unlimited Users.



Whatever your recruitment experience, all the support and tools are provided to help develop the key skills to hire right.


Recruiters, HR Advisors and Hiring Managers can easily collaborate and share information, assign tasks and track status. Make decisions together to make the right hire.


Follow the step by step guides in both the software and training library to achieve hot results. Utilise the reporting function to track and measure results to continuously improve your recruitment performance.

Managing recruitment has never been so easy.

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User friendly Applicant Tracking System

Helps you to quickly capture, track, review and manage job applications in one central online system anywhere anytime.

Easy Set Up

Follow the simple 8 step process to set up a professional recruitment campaign. You can quickly clone for future jobs.


Keep On Track

System keeps your team on track and organised managing applicants through your recruitment process.


Quick Applicant Review

Quick and easy for your team to review, share and discuss applicants CVs and evaluation forms.

Core Features

Applicant Tracking System

Helps you to quickly capture, track, review and manage job applications from all sources in a central online system, anywhere anytime.

Recruitment Management System

All the recruitment tools you need to set up and manage a recruitment campaign. Job advert, job syndication, application form, recruitment process, evaluation forms, emails, reporting and more.

Recruitment Training

Learn from our comprehensive recruitment resources. Develop the capability to hire right first time.

Talent CRM

Easy to build and search your organanisation’s applicant database, add prospects, build talent pools and manage talent email marketing campaigns.


Help Centre is packed with tips and resources to help you easily use the software. If you can’t find what you are looking for, submit a support request ticket. Support is via email, phone and online web meetings. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm (excl public holidays).

Serving small to medium sized businesses

We’ve helped small to medium sized employers make 100s of new hires.

Yashili have used Chilli Factor now for eight months and found it to be very easy and user friendly. Takes the hard work out of the recruitment process and helps the business present a professional face to prospective new employees. The team are always willing to help and address issues very quickly. Saves time and money with recruitment agencies and allows you to focus on the important job of finding the right person for the role.

Craig Rooks

Manufacturing Manager, Yashili New Zealand Dairy

I’d recommend this software program to any SME’s who wanted to save money on recruitment; this provides you with all the tools you need to get the job done properly and effectively.

Rebecca Purdy

Director, The Generalist PR

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