Companies recruiting with Chilli Factor Recruitment Software include:
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Analytica Laboratories
Institute of Directors
Ripple Recruitment
Stabicraft Marine
Griffins Food Company
Franklin Vets
Goal Digger
Change Healthcare ANZ
Real Steel
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Chilli Factor makes recruiting easier.

Find out why Recruiters, HR Advisors and Hiring Managers find Chilli Factor easy to use.


I have been using Chillifactor recruitment software for over two years now, and absolutely love it!  In my previous role I introduced the software to a large multi-national I was working for, where the authorisation process was complex and a continual source of friction. Kirsten and her team quickly adapted the system to the needs of that business, and to this day authorisations are well managed, and delays in getting offers to candidates have been dramatically reduced.

Since establishing my own business, where recruitment is central to our offering, I use the software to ensure that clients are giving me the green light to proceed with each step of the process, and that my client accounts are well managed. This keeps them informed and safeguards me – especially when queries are later raised…

I cannot speak highly enough of this innovative, cost-effective and service orientated solution.

Sandy Hayer

Director, Candid Recruitment

Chilli Factor Recruitment Software is working fantastically well for me.  Life is much easier with this system!  Especially with this many jobs going all at once.
Catherine Brown

HR Advisor, EIS

I’d recommend this software program to any SME’s who wanted to save money on recruitment; this provides you with all the tools you need to get the job done properly and effectively.
Rebecca Purdy

Director, The Generalist PR

I have been working with Chilli Factor now for over 8 months and find it to be an extremely user friendly recruitment tool.

The programme ensures candidates go through a preferred process making it easy to follow up and manage candidate care, to manage all of the recruitment stages and keep all candidates details in a central location to refer back to. The icons are easy to understand as I have been up-skilling branch manager’s on its use, it’s reporting functions make life easier at month end, and the centralised management of external promotional channels makes it a great one-stop shop.

I would personally recommend Chilli Factor to any company wishing to centralise and improve their recruitment processes.

Jennifer Findlay


Yashili have used Chilli Factor now for eight months and found it to be very easy and user friendly. Takes the hard work out of the recruitment process and helps the business present a professional face to prospective new employees. The team are always willing to help and address issues very quickly. Saves time and money with recruitment agencies and allows you to focus on the important job of finding the right person for the role.
Craig Rooks

ex Manufacturing Manager, Yashili

We put Chilli Factor in earlier this year and have had it in place for about 6 months. I have implemented a few eRecruitment systems in the past and Chilli Factor was astounding simple and fast, with zero implementation cost. It is the ideal solution for a business with our size, turnover and type of workforce. We will use it for subsidiary businesses also. It is a simple, flexible, cost effective solution and the support service provided has been excellent, can’t fault it. We highly recommend Chilli Factor
Jacquie Sherborne

HR & Support Services Manager, CRV Ambreed

Chilli Factor has made such a positive difference to our recruitment process, transforming the way we work. It has allowed us to streamline our recruitment process, improve overall visibility, empower proactive recruitment and engage stakeholders in the process. We have received positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders as it has helped to provide a better customer experience which is essential for our branding. The Chilli Factor team has been extremely supportive and helpful, putting in a lot of time and effort to ensure the system is customised to Griffin’s needs!
Hayley Feeney

Talent Advisor, The Griffin's Food Company